Baltic amber – an amber stone from the Baltic Sea that gives health and can be used for fashionable jewelry production

Facts of Baltic amber stone

Amber stone is an organic mineral

baltic amber baltic sea sand

It is created by nature itself. The amber stone was formed by the numbness of coniferous plants’ resin. Because of amber color and natural beauty, amber jewelry has been valued and used since the Neolithic times.
This natural compound is made of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. There is no other kindred stones. The stone of Gagat has some similar indications. However, Gagat stone is not a mineral and its colors are completely different. There are also differences in a health impact comparing with amber.

Amber is a miracle of nature

Briefly and plain about the formation of amber: the catchy pine-trees grew up in the forests. When the climate wilted, the pine-trees’ resin began to flow on the ground. Resin blended with the ground and began to solidify. Accumulated resin was washed by rivers. Resin was taken to the seas. In the end, in the process of oxidation and some other natural processes, resin turned into current amber.

Historically, the main source of amber was the Baltic Sea region

Amber is widespread throughout the world, but the main amber location was the southeastern coast of the Baltic Sea. 90 % of amber is extracted here until nowadays. In Lithuania amber is found mostly in the northern part of the Curonian Lagoon. Lithuania is proud to be located in a corner of nature, where as much as 90% of amber is found.

Baltic amber features – smell, warmth and wellness

Baltic amber has a mild and strong aroma. It is used in an incense production. Some sources say that amber has heating feature. This is not the very true. It does not emit the warmth. However, the volatile acid in the amber stone begin to differ in warmth from humans. Body heat helps to liberate amber acid. Then this amber acid gets into the body through the skin. Getting into the body this acid has a positive effect on human respiratory tract. In addition, it is useful for bronchitis and asthma treatment. Amber acid also has a sedative effect, has a positive effect on the nervous system, and strengthens the overall body’s condition. It is advisable to have amber necklaces, or other amber jewelry, when it is sore in the throat, when it is cold, or in confusion with acne. Amber wearing is suitable for stomach, liver, bladder, kidney diseases, heart problems and thyroid hyper function. It also treats eye diseases.

The choice of amber jewelry

Amber colors are different but very mild

Amber has a great variety of colors. The most common amber color in the Baltic Sea is yellow or light yellow. These colors of the earth are suitable for everyone. According this, choosing an amber product like a gift, you will not be confused by a color choice. There are some other amber colors: from white, yellow to brown, red, also greenish, blue, gray, even black amber. Amber can be completely transparent or completely opaque.

What is made from amber?

Amber is most widely used in jewelry production. There are more than one representative in the Baltic Sea region who deal with amber stone products. The most popular products from this beautiful stone are jewelry. Such amber jewelry as necklaces, rings, bracelets, pendants are most salable. Pictures and statuary from this stone are still popular.

You will ask why it is worth choosing an amber jewelry

Well, where else will we find a stone that meets the following qualities: an amazing earthy color, suitable for everyone. Pleasant to the body (not cold). Can be used for children (amber baby necklaces). Has healing properties. No adverse effects detected. Gorgeous and durable. Good for gift. Convenient to wear and gentle to touch. Try it – decorate yourself and your darling. Make a good value for money gift to your family and friends! Moreover, there is no such 2in1 medication, which decorates and treats together.

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