Unique Christmas ornaments – Christmas decoration ideas 2017

bauble christmas tree

There is no other holiday that encourages great decorations like Christmas. First of all, who would not love a home filled with colorful garlands, pine smelling cones, attractive Poinsettias and unique Christmas ornaments? There are just too many Christmas decorations ideas to choose from! If you want your loved ones to feel the spirit of Christmas in the most unexpected and unique ways, read on.

Rustic Winter Christmas

bauble christmas treeFew things are as elegant and romantic as white winter Christmas. A rustic theme with wood details and neutral colors is the best complement to the raw and natural charm of the holiday season. Imagine a glow of fresh snow paired with green garland placed on top of a pine table, amber glassware, cream candles, and white antler chandelier.

Festive Floral Christmas

Flowers have always been wonderful! It not only gives life to your space, but also fills you with Christmas spirit. The holiday season is about simplicity, so choosing earthly colors and rough woods are perfect ideas. For example poinsettias has long ago became a staple of holiday, but you can do much more than that! You can decorate a pine plant with ribbons and wooden trinkets to make perfect Christmas tree decorations and place them on porch. Red amaryllis with silver colored bows can make excellent centerpieces. Evergreens and moss along with petaled flowers also make wonderful Christmas decorations.

Mini Mittens Display

You can make people happy and special by doing customized mitten display. You can easily craft them using colorful felt papers and adding some strips of wool as ornaments. These wonderful pieces can be displayed on your walls, doorknobs, or tree. They can be a fun activity for kids too! Inscribe the name of your loved one to make it much more unique and special.

Color Pop Christmas Display

If you have a dark colored mantle or wall, the perfect Christmas decor would be adding bright bursts of colors. An attractive wreath made of bulbs can be displayed above your fireplace and Christmas streamers made from ribbons or patterned papers can be attached to your walls. Your Christmas tree should have colorful decorations with lights and toppers.

Unique Christmas ornaments

jungle porcelain baublesThere are hundreds of designs you could fill each corner of your home with. The possibilities are endless and can only be limited by your own imagination and creativity. You can make your home spectacular by choosing unique Christmas ornaments. Shopping for them should not be stressful. You can choose to shop locally or online. Either way, you’ll find dozens of retailers offering excellent selection of Christmas items that will fit your home style.

Make your place inviting for the holidays! Have fun!